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Finally back!

May 13 event
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Well, after taking a few months off my journal for a lot of traveling, crafting and writing, I'm back!

I just did the very first Felt Club sale (motto: crafts that kick ass!) yesterday, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet sewdarncute, jek_a_go_go, boygirlparty, and tons of other crafters, and see biggerkrissy and her adorable Bigger Critters once again! It was hot and sunny out but I only got sunburned on one arm (note to self: bring sunscreen next time instead of just putting it on at home!!). Thank goodness for iced coffee right around the corner...

I did some great trades with Jekbot, The Singing Librarian, and Kokoleo, and got some delightful lavender shortbread from the bake sale table. Super fun and I'm so glad I got a chance to do the sale and hang out with so many cool LA crafters :)

In news, I'm about to add some great new fabrics to the skirt kit selections, and a few are on their way out (I'll warn you when they're getting super low). Some site updates are coming up soon too.

And if you're in New York next month, I'll be selling at Renegade Craft Fair with the girls of
Super Crafty! I can't wait!

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